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  Nobel Aerospace offers full work scope support for air to air heat exchangers, precoolers, reheaters, condensers, oil coolers, and related components. We specialize in all types of oil coolers for all engine and APU applications and can test, repair, overhaul, and recore.

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Precoolers
  • Reheaters
  • Oil Coolers




Nobel MRO provides ATA 38 lavatory systems service repair/overhaul to operators and parts suppliers worldwide. We are equipped to service all vacuum and recirculating systems, such as Monogram, Rogerson, Kaiser, Shaw, Sweeney and Adams Rite.

  • Vacuum and Recirculating Toilet      Systems
  • Flush Control Valves
  • Rinse Valves
  • Flush Actuators
  • Lavatory Motors
  • Lavatory Pump and Motor      Assemblies

Nobel MRO's focus is maintaining flexibility to lower customer cost, meeting customer-specific requirements and maximizing performance and reliability with minimum turn-around time. We have a proven track record of experience and a reputation as a superior quality repair and overhaul source for recirculating and vacuum operating systems.


Galley equiptment


Galley equipment is responsible for some of the highest removal rates of any components on an aircraft. Most coffee makers and water boilers become BER due to corrosion. Continued usage without regular decalcification causes heating elements to catastrophically fail.

Nobel offers a program that repairs the subcomponent failure caused by mineral accretion. The repair is a fixed price and includes complete decalcification of the tank and sub components, inspections of all tubing and threaded fixtures as well as replacement of common use items. In addition to the decalcification program, Nobel holds full capability to test, repair or overhaul.

  • Coffee Makers
  • Ovens
  • Water Heaters
  • Water Boilers

Additional Services



Nobel Aerospace supplies flight-critical repair and overhaul services for aircraft accessory components, such as electro-mechanical, pneumatic, avionic instruments.


We love fixed rate contracts. Whether you send your units to us on a daily basis or yearly, we can help you feel at easy by giving you the repair at the price you need. 

Repair Management

Are you overseeing the repair or purchase of hundreds of parts? Instead of spending all your time sending out emails and picking up the phone to call every repair shop in town, just notify us. We can send you a streamlined excel sheet of all the repair pricing you need. Let us help. We're ready to broker your deals and save you time and money in the process. 


Yes, we love working with military parts! Let us know how we help you today.

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